Karee (antipixie_karee) wrote in iusb,

Come talk to Joe Donnelly -

How can you spend a half hour in the most productive way this week?

Stop by to talk with Joe Donnelly at Another Book Store this Thursday (8/10) between 7 and 9 pm. (Another Bookstore is at the 100 Center in Mishawaka.) It will only take a couple minutes for you to let Joe Donnelly know that many people (of all orientations!) are concerned about the discrimination against the glbt community, and we want to know whether he will stand up against this discrimination.

The Green Party invited Joe to attend this meeting at Another Bookstore. Please let him see that the glbt community and our allies count, by showing up to ask him to stand up against discrimination! The worst thing that could happen is that he sees an empty store!

We need to show Candidate Donnelly that we are a group that can make a difference in this campaign. Close campaigns like this can be determined on the basis of whether a candidate can turn out votes from those who often feel forgotten. . .

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