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IUSB Women's Studies List-Serv

Are you...

Majoring or minoring in Women’s Studies?
Are you interested in any of the following student groups?


The Feminist Student Union

Gay/Straight Alliance

The Gender Project

Maybe you would be interested in working on a student-run publication such as...

New Views on Gender


A new list-serv has been created specifically for those involved in Women's Studies
related courses, activities on campus, activities in the community, activism, student
groups, and projects. This list will serve as a networking tool between students, staff,
alumni, and faculty.

We realize that it can be difficult keeping up with all the events going on in the IUSB
community, so we've come up with a way for everyone to stay informed on issues related to women's studies, gender studies, feminism, activism, and so on.

If you want to find a way to get more involved or just keep up, please consider subscribing. To sign-up, simply follow the directions below or send an e-mail directly to the list-serv manager, Karrie Blevins (kblevins@iusb.edu) and your name will soon be added.

Instructions for IUSB WMST List-Serv:

1. Click or enter the following url:
list-serv link

2. Enter the list name: "iusb-wmst-l"
3. Click Submit.
4. Then you’ll find the option to join the list. (A simple registration of username/password is required.)

If you have questions, comment here or e-mail the contact listed above.
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