Karee (antipixie_karee) wrote in iusb,

Blurr #3 - Call for Submissions

Hello everyone,

The staff of Blurr has begun planning their third issue for January/February. The
theme for this issue is "generational gender" which will hopefully be an inclusive
way to talk about gender and its intersections with both childhood and aging.
So, we are currently requesting any submissions (poetry, fiction, essays, art)
which are related to:

  • gender and aging

  • gender and childhood

  • gender stratification found in products for older or younger people

  • gender issues specific to older or younger people

    As usual, we are also accepting submissions on a variety of gender topics not
    relating to our focus.

    The deadline for these submissions is January 25th. Submissions can be sent to
    this e-mail address (blurr@iusb.edu).

    Thank you for your time! We greatly look forward to receiving your submissions
    for Blurr #3.

    Blurr Staff

    X-posted to various feminist and gender-related communities.
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