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MTV's True Life - Casting [04 Mar 2009|03:02pm]

Hi Guys

My name is Jennifer and I am a casting associate at MTV.  Right now we are casting for an upcoming episode of True Life.  For this episode, we are looking for people who are at odds with their parents for one reason or another.  Whether it is because of your major, relationships, or your lifestyle, MTV is interested in hearing your story.  I would also appreciate if you could pass it along to anyone else you may know.

You can email your situations to Parents@mtvnmix.com with their name, age, location, phone number, and recent photo.

Thanks, and feel free to message me with any questions

You can also view the full casting flyer at MTV.com at the True Life section
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The Good Causes Club [08 Sep 2008|08:30pm]

A great new club is starting up on campus, the Good Causes Club. Donate money to a good cause or help out with a fundraiser for the same. This club will also do fundraisers for other clubs/individuals/etc. for a percentage of the profits, which will then be put toward the club's current project.

The first project of the Good Causes Club will be to raise money to start soup kitchens in South America.

The Good Causes Club is currently looking for an advisor and new members.

If you are interested in joining or wish to contact the club for any other reason, please see the contact information below.

Mandy Studdard
astuddar at iusb dot edu
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Pet Refuge Mutt March! [27 Aug 2008|03:33pm]

Everyone please visit Jakes fundraising page and make a donation today!

This year Pet Refuge had a lot of sick dogs that we nursed back to health and any money we can make back on that through the Mutt March would be fabulous!
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A night of Belly Dancing (including a solo performance by me) [31 Jan 2008|09:30am]


Ruby Jazayre Presents

"Dances for a Festive Night"

A Middle Eastern Dance Performance


Students of Ruby Jazayre


"The Sisters of the Nile and Company"

March 7 and 8, 2008

Battell Community Center Theatre

904 North Main Street

Mishawaka, Indiana

Doors open 7:00pm Performance 7:30pm

$12 in advance/$15 at the door

Contact Battell Center 574-258-1667

or Ruby Jazayre 574-234-3355

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Volunteer at Another Bookstore & GLBT Resource Center [16 Oct 2006|11:02pm]

Another Bookstore & GLBT Resource Center is currently seeking more volunteers to help serve in various aspects. If you are interested lending a hand, please contact us via phone or e-mail.

Volunteer at ABRCCollapse )

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Furniture for Sale [07 Aug 2006|03:34pm]

[ mood | 5 days til moving day *dances* ]

Hey everyone! This is kinda last minute, but I'm moving down to IUB theis weekend and found some extra furniture that I can't take with me. I was wondering if anyone was interested since I'm in the Elkhart area. Its part of a bedroom set: Dresser(6 wide drawers & 3 narrow ones) w/ mirror, bedside table, desk with hutch, and strightback chair. The only thing its missing is the bedframe. Its all white with gold accents. If interested please comment and I'll send pictures.

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Come talk to Joe Donnelly - [07 Aug 2006|03:58am]

How can you spend a half hour in the most productive way this week?

Make a difference this week.Collapse ) Close campaigns like this can be determined on the basis of whether a candidate can turn out votes from those who often feel forgotten. . .

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[25 Jul 2006|01:57am]

Just one click to become friends with the only GLBT Resource Center, Coffee Shop, Bookstore, and Indie Music Venue in Northern Indiana.... We promise to make it worth your while. ;)
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GLBT community in Michiana - [06 Jul 2006|01:33pm]

There's a brand new LJ community for GLBTQ & allied people of Michiana. If you're interested in meeting people with similar interests and learning more about what's going on in your own community, come join gaymichiana.
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Craigslist for South Bend - [06 Jul 2006|01:25pm]

Has everyone heard that there is now a craigslist page for South Bend?

Here's the link.
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Concert at Another Bookstore... [06 Jul 2006|01:24pm]

Emily Strand is playing on Saturday, July 8th at Another Bookstore in Mishawaka. The show starts at 7pm and tickets are $7 at the door.

Check her music out at www.EmilyStrand.com.

Also, if you're on MySpace, you can get automatic invites for all upcoming concerts at ABS by becoming their friend. Click here!
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Show tonight at Another Bookstore! [27 May 2006|02:31pm]

Tonight at Another Bookstore...Vinny Bex Dae from Chicago.

The show starts at 7pm. Tickets are $5 in advance and $7 at the door. Check out the link to myspace to hear some of VBD's sounds: Vinny Bex Dae on MySpace.com.

Another Bookstore is located in the 100 Center of Mishawaka, IN. For more information, call 574.254.1411 or see the ABS website here.

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Show at Another Bookstore: Jennifer Spector [05 May 2006|09:50pm]

Jennifer Spector is playing at Another Bookstore on Saturday, May 6th at 7pm.
Tickets are on sale now for $7 in advance and $10 at the door. RSVP not required.

Another Bookstore is Michiana's Premier GLBT Cafe, Bookstore, and Resource Center!

"With her beautiful voice, singer/ songwriter Jennifer Spector is a pleasure to listen to. That her songs are also first-rate makes "Ahead of the Game" appropriately titled. The songs here are mellow, and Spector's acoustic guitar playing is augmented by diverse instrumentation including flute, oboe, banjo, trumpet and a terrific xylophone on "Humor." Lyrically, she turns nice philosophical phrases such as "A grain of salt goes a very long way in life's smorgasbord." This album is one "game" worth playing over and over again."

Thomas Bond, Music Editor
Get Out, The Tribune (Phoenix)3/03

Listen to Jennifer's music online at:
Jennifer on MySpace.com

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IUSB Women's Studies List-Serv [19 Apr 2006|04:57pm]

Are you...

Majoring or minoring in Women’s Studies?
Are you interested in any of the following student groups?


The Feminist Student Union

Gay/Straight Alliance

The Gender Project

Maybe you would be interested in working on a student-run publication such as...

New Views on Gender


A new list-serv has been created specifically for those involved in Women's Studies
related courses, activities on campus, activities in the community, activism, student
groups, and projects. This list will serve as a networking tool between students, staff,
alumni, and faculty.

We realize that it can be difficult keeping up with all the events going on in the IUSB
community, so we've come up with a way for everyone to stay informed on issues related to women's studies, gender studies, feminism, activism, and so on.

If you want to find a way to get more involved or just keep up, please consider subscribing. To sign-up, simply follow the directions below or send an e-mail directly to the list-serv manager, Karrie Blevins (kblevins@iusb.edu) and your name will soon be added.

Instructions for IUSB WMST List-Serv:

1. Click or enter the following url:
list-serv link

2. Enter the list name: "iusb-wmst-l"
3. Click Submit.
4. Then you’ll find the option to join the list. (A simple registration of username/password is required.)

If you have questions, comment here or e-mail the contact listed above.
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Show at Another Bookstore [11 Mar 2006|11:27am]

Another show at Another Bookstore...

If you're not busy tonight, we've got a great show at Another Bookstore in Mishawaka.

Lazy Sunday is playing with Kate Peterson and Sarah Cleaver!

Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door.
Come early and get a good seat. Show starts at 7.


ps - If you're worried about catching dinner, don't be. Another Bookstore has recently added to their dining list. They now have jalapeno poppers, cheesy mozzarella sticks, pizza, and they'll be getting wraps soon.

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More shows at Another Bookstore!!! [03 Mar 2006|03:26pm]

Also, if you're looking for something to do tomorrow night (and you're in the NW Indiana/SW Michigan area... come to Another Bookstore!!!

We've got Denise Dill and her guest, Joni Laurence, both semi-local musicians from Bloomington, IN and Champaign, IL playing Saturday night at ABS.

You can check Denise out at her website -- DeniseDill.com or on MySpace.

Check out Joni online at at her website -- JoniLaurence.com or on MySpace.

Tickets are $5 advance and $7 at the door.

Hope to see you there!


P.S. - Y'all know you're spoiled for getting to come to these shows for such a low price. Maybe it's one of the perks of indie music, but I intend on taking full advantage.

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Concert at Another Bookstore!!! [03 Mar 2006|03:09pm]

If any of you are looking for something to do tonight (and you're in the NW Indiana/SW Michigan area... come to Another Bookstore!!!

One of my favorite folk musicians is playing tonight at ABS and she's awesome! Her name is Antara and you can check her out on her website -- www.littleweirdgirl.com. (She doesn't have a MySpace profile yet, but I'm working on it.)

Tickets are $5 advance and $7 at the door.

Hope to see you there!


P.S. - Y'all know you're spoiled for getting to come to these shows for such a low price. Maybe it's one of the perks of indie music, but I intend on taking full advantage.

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Blurr #3 - Call for Submissions [17 Jan 2006|10:18am]

Hello everyone,

The staff of Blurr has begun planning their third issue for January/February. The
theme for this issue is "generational gender" which will hopefully be an inclusive
way to talk about gender and its intersections with both childhood and aging.
So, we are currently requesting any submissions (poetry, fiction, essays, art)
which are related to:

  • gender and aging

  • gender and childhood

  • gender stratification found in products for older or younger people

  • gender issues specific to older or younger people

    As usual, we are also accepting submissions on a variety of gender topics not
    relating to our focus.

    The deadline for these submissions is January 25th. Submissions can be sent to
    this e-mail address (blurr@iusb.edu).

    Thank you for your time! We greatly look forward to receiving your submissions
    for Blurr #3.

    Blurr Staff

    X-posted to various feminist and gender-related communities.
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    Blurr Zine: the next issue... on gender [25 Oct 2005|11:04am]

    Zine: Call for submissions... on gender.


    The Gender Project is well underway at Indiana University of South Bend. We are a new, student organized, gender advocacy group on campus.

    Last month we distributed our first issue of Blurr, a new zine with a focus on gender. It was a great success here at IUSB and soon we hope to be able to share the zine with a much larger audience by making the publication available online.

    In the meantime, we are currently compiling works for the second issue. We hope to begin printing in just a few short weeks.

    This zine is a focus on all aspects of gender and how it crosses lines of socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and more.

    A call for submissions... more info.Collapse )
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    [17 Aug 2005|03:35pm]

    So, I'm getting ready to start this fall semester with no friends left in South Bend. Everyone of my good friends has left town for bigger & better things. Just wondering what other students are up to this semester.
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